There's so much to see and do, it would take more than one vacation to cover it all. Stroll the streets, embrace the ambiance. Go snorkelling, diving, sailing, cruising or fishing. Explore nature. Smell the flowers, listen to the birds and soak up the sunshine. The choice is yours.

Dive and snorking

Colorful reef and tropical fish, hidden caves and sunken ships; these are just a few of the things you will find under the sea just off the coast of Martinique. Grab a snorkel or a dive suit, dip your head underwater, and explore the mysterious aquatic world.... Martinique is one of the most interesting island for diving and snorkiling as well .Sea-beds of Martinique reserve beautiful surprises with the amateurs of snorkeling. Many sites lend themselves to exploration with palms, mask and tuba. Under idyllic conditions (temperature/visibility), the swimmer leaves to the meeting a coloured fauna and flora


Ten spots of kitesurf cover the island. Primarily on the Atlantic coast, but not only. On the caribbean side, the Anse Diamant and the bay of Fort-de-France do not have to redden, and will offer to you memorable rides. Practical guide of the spots. The period from December to June by far is adapted to the practice of the kite. The wind pushes extremely, and is of a great regularity. The remainder of the year, Martinique is slightly been windy and the occasions to sail are done rarer. With the exception of bay of Fort-de-France which thanks to a venturi effect can offer good runs as of October. Martinique coasts offer many play-grounds, with varied specificities, ready to fill all the amateurs of watery leisures. The queens activities are the sailing and the diving. But, it is possible also, to benefit more quietly from the magic of the shores from Martinique, at the time of an excursion at sea.Here, the wind continuously blows a good part of the year. The varied spots make it possible to choose according to the weather. Cherry on the cake, schools and shops rent very good equipment for a windsurfing


If fishing is on your Martinique to-do list, you'll have the best luck if you plan a day of big game deep sea fishing. Common catches on Martinique waters include barracuda, blue marlin, bonito, dolphin fish (mahi-mahi), kingfish, spearfish, swordfish, wahoo, and white marlin, with marlins being the most coveted catch.It is important to note that deep sea fishing is no easy task. These fish often weigh hundreds of pounds, and come to fight. While novice fisherman are more than welcome, and encouraged, to spend some time fishing on Martinique, a half day charter might be a better idea for those just starting out.

Sea Excursion

Martinique has its traditional boats: Gommiers and Skiffs used by the fishermen, and inspired of the Caribbean dugouts and the Breton boats. It is possible in certain places to sail on these boats. The fishermen of Carbet, for example, organize discovered days during which, you share their everyday life: fish at sea then return to the village to cook the fresh catches Caribbean coast... All the softness of the Caribbean coast. Small villages of fishermen of the Caribbean south, bay of Fort-de-France and volcanic beaches in the north of the island. Atlantic coast ...Very beautiful wild coast beaten by the trade winds. Wild kilometers of beaches and many islets in the lagoons formed by the coral barrier of Sainte-Anne to the Peninsula of the Caravel Mini cruising to St Lucia ..The close islands, St-Lucia and Domenica are really all close. Companies of Day-Charter propose mini-cruisings bound for their more beautiful coasts. Departure early the morning and return at the end of the day.

can be adventurous ways of getting around Martinique, although these are generally more dangerous than cars for driving around in a foreign area. 50cc bikes do not require a license to drive, while the more powerful bikes will require a driver's license from your home country. As always, consider costs of gasoline and insurance when renting. Hefty safety deposits are usually required and rentals will average about , 30 a day. Travelers on any form of bike should wear helmets on the island.Taking a tour of a part of the island with a mountain bike or renting a moped for a day trip can fun as long as you play it safe on the road while on Martinique.



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