Curacao beaches

Curacao's beaches are its best-kept secret. The best beaches are not the long, expansive patches of sand found in other islands, but rather smaller, more intimate beaches found in secluded inlets, called "bocas" in Papiamentu. Many of the best beaches are found at the west end of the island, which is fittingly named Westpunt, or "west point".

The island claims to have 38 beaches in all, yet you'll certainly find more along the secluded and rough coastlines of the eastern and northern coasts. Some of the beaches, "playas" in Papiamentu or Spanish, have changing and picnic facilities and charge a small admission, while others are wide open and free of both admission and facilities.

Boka St Michael Beach

Small boats bob in the bay of this traditional fishing village just west of town. The dive club on the pier has public restrooms and a restaurant. The small beach, also known as Boka Sami, has no shade and little sand, but lovely water, a small fishing pier. There are two simple, good fish restaurants nearby. You can also explore the salt marsh or climb a trail that runs up the hill to the west of the beach.

Knip Beach

Knip Beach is very popular with the Curacaoan's themselves. Knip Beach lets you swim and sunbathe in one of the most beautiful surroundings on Curaçao. For the well trained swimmers, the reef can be reached from the beach, but it is quite a long swim. Snorkeling can be done much closer to the shore near the rocks on either side of Knip Beach. Often you can buy local dishes, snacks and drinks. But keep in mind it is a possibility. So make sure to bring along enough drinks and snacks.

Cas Abao Beach

Cas Abao offers you a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters, waving palm trees and many gazebos for shade. The beach combines a natural country setting with all the conveniences of a full service beach. Cas Abao is ideal for swimmers of all ages and its reefs are a paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers. A raft for sunbathing and playing is moored off the beach. There is a bar, restaurant, showers and a massage facility

Barbara Beach

Barabara Beach was one of our favorite beaches. It was a beautiful beach, not tightly laid down, quiet except on Sundays... boats with locals come to chat and/or pick-nick. This tradition is still ongoing. But the beach is now part of a new build luxurious resort with a golf course.

Jan Thiel Beach

Lounge on a beach bed under a palm tree and enjoy the beautiful open bay, which has excellent diving and snorkeling. Jan Thiel Beach is located in a new upscale residential area east of town. With a full service dive operation and children-friendly semi-enclosed wading area resembling a swimming pool and a small waterpark. Jan Thiel is a real family beach. There's also a restaurant that serves sandwiches, snacks, and drinks on the beach.

Mambo Beach

Possibly the most talked about beach of Curacao. However, the name Mambo Beach belongs to a average restaurant/bar but is lively on Sunday evenings. Together with the restaurant/bar Wet 'n Wild, this is the place to be on Sunday evenings. On the eastside, where Lions Dive is located, it is more relaxed. Here you can lay between the palm trees or to choose sunbeds but u hqve to pay for them ...



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