Hotels and restaurants

Dining in the French West Indies is always a memorable event. An exciting variety of restaurants take advantage of gorgeous settings to complement their culinary delights. Cooking in France is an art form and Martinique continues this delicious tradition. Visitors discover a wide range of local specialties with an emphasis on seafood and spicy Créole dishes. Le déjeuner, or lunch, is often the main meal of the day and usually served from noon to 2 p.m. It's generally a good idea to call ahead for reservations for dinner.

The pace of service in many Caribbean restaurants may surprise first-time visitors. It is wise to remember that standards are different in the islands. If you demand fast food and brisk service, perhaps the Caribbean is not for you. However, if you can downshift and relax into a tropical mode, your patience will be richly rewarded. Experienced travelers always arrive at Martinique restaurants before they are really hungry and allow extra time for their meals to be prepared and served.Martinique's renowned cuisine mirrors its many cultures. The local Créole specialties combine the finesse of French cuisine and the spice of African cookery with the exoticism of East Indian and Southeast Asian recipes. Fresh seafood appears on most menus. Other specialties are: shellfish, smoked fish, stuffed land crabs, stewed conch, and curry dishes.Restaurants can be found in hotels, in settings by the sea and even on the front porches of the cooks' homes. Local rum drinks often precede a meal, and imported French wines usually accompany it.

Restaurants : Atomic food, Coup d' Cœur , La Baraqu' Obama, Le Belem, Le Pitaya, Le Zandoli, La Cave a Vins, Le Colibri, Le Petit bonoum, Restaurant Le Golf ,Le Mambouya, Case Coco Restaurant , La Mandolina , Le Willkat , Zanzibar Restaurant ,O Vin Sur Vingt...

Choosing a hotel near the attractions you want to visit, or a beach that you know you'll be spending a lot of time at is ideal. Many hotels on Martinique also specialize in certain activities , like golf, fishing, or diving, and could end up saving you money when you purchase a package deal that includes these activities in the price

If you are planning to stay on Martinique for more than a week, the excitement of being on a vacation might not last as long as someone only on the island for a weekend. This is when choosing accommodations that will make you feel at home will come in handy. A rental property will offer you all the comforts of home, and probably save you money, than if you were to pay full price for a resort for each night of your stay. On the other hand, for a quick trip, you'll probably want to be pampered, and have as much taken care of for you as possible, so you can make each moment count. These vacationers will definitely want to stick to a hotel or large resort for their trip.

Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa, Club Med Buccaneer's Creek, Brise Marine, Hotel Diamant Les Bains, Hotel Bambou, Hotel Simon, Apart Hotel Fort Savane ,Camelia Residence

Domaine de la Palmeraie, Fort Savane , Hotel Bakaua ,Hotel Cap Macabou,

Hôtel L'Impératrice, Le Domaine Saint Aubin,

Le Hameau du Morne des Cadets, Résidence Le Village Créole

Condo and Villa Complex

There are also non-standard hotel lodging options on the island, which include a condominium building and a selection of villa complexes.

Hotel Plain Solei is one property of this type found in eastern Martinique. A luxury villa resort complex nestled into the hills, this is where French style meets the laid back nature of the islands and promises a memorable getaway to every guest

If you are wanting to book a place to stay with good swimming pool facilities, one destination to think about is Residence Ocean , Residence Oceane consists of wooden Creole bungalows surrounded by bougainvilliers ..

Another property to consider will be La Suite Villa A cozy boutique hotel ideally located in a part of town known for its tourism, this villa property features colonial style, elegant appointments, and a friendly staff. You'll find them on Route du Fort d'Alet.

Nature enthusiasts will want to think about the one eco-tourism property on the island. Besides the standard hotel choices, there will be an eco-lodge.. Hotel La Caravelle



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