Martinique beaches

Martinique is known for many things: food, culture, art, and, of course, world-famous rhum distilleries. But few are aware of the extent and number of exceptional beaches in Martinique, from wide white-sand beaches to secluded coves and hideaways. All of the beaches on Martinique are open to the general public. Although there are no designated nude beaches on the island, topless sunbathing and swimming isn't uncommon at beaches near hotels, and even at the hotel pool. The facilities at most of Martinique's beaches can be limited, so you may not find changing rooms or showers. Beachgoers who aren't staying at one of the beachfront hotels have the option of renting lockers and changing areas from a few of these resorts

Grande Anse des Salines
..One of the island’s more popular beaches, this beach in Sainte-Anne has food, watersports, lots of parking and is also home to the Club Med

Anse Turin
..This long beach outside of the town of Saint-Pierre, also known as Sea Grape Beach, is a great to watch the ocean and get a view of towering Montagne Pelee volcano.

Anse Dufour
..This small village of fisherman nested with the hollow of a beach of dream offers a voyage to go up time. All seems fixed behind forty years.Two small restaurants at the entry of the beach offer refreshment bar and specialities of fish. The Anse Dufour like the Anse Noire, is attended little during the week. Exposed full west, it is sunny until late in the afternoon.  You could miss it if you’re not careful.

Anse Noire
...This black-sand beach is accessible by a long staircase, but it’s well worth the trip. It’s nestled in a very protected bay with terrific snorkeling. It’s also home to the eclectic Domaine de Robinson hotel.

Plage du Bourg, Anse de Arlet
.. This long fine sand band is very appraisal of martinique inhabitants. They are understood. The framework is magic, and the accessible beach with its small terraces of bars and restaurants The water level is calm. Many boats come here at anchor. Sea-beds offer an interesting spectacle to the amateurs, in particular in the south of the beach.

Plage du Diamant
..This beach is famous for its view of the Diamant rock, Mornes Larcher and Clochette, the Anse Diamant, and its 3 kilometers of sand bordered of coconuts, is of a rare beauty. In the East, the small borough and its houses out of wooden.

Cap Chevalier
..This far-off, secluded beach has an almost magical, surreal quality to it, as you can tell from the mysterious colours of the sunset above.В all more beautiful the ones than the others, the Cap Chevalier is one of more attaching.В В The trade wind blows, but the water level protected by a generally calm coral remainder barrier. Families come to camp and splash in its not very deep water. Do not forget masks and tubas. It would be a pity

Le Coin
..This beach in the laid-back town of Carbet is great in its own right, but the real reason to come here is Chef Guy Ferdinand’s world-famous Le Petibonum beach restaurant a must visit on any trip to Martinique.

Anse Seron
...Anse Ceron is one of the most popular beaches in all of Martinique. The slowly arching sand offers plenty of room for sun-bathers to spread out while the gentle shoreline waters are perfect for swimming.Along with its unique sands, beachgoers will find plenty of shade from coconut trees and raisiniers, providing cool places to escape the sultry Caribbean sun.

Anse Mitan
...The golden beaches of Anse Mitan feature clear but deep water. The shore is spotted with palm trees, which conceal a few small bistros

Sea beds are the perfect places for underwater exploration snorkeless and scuba divers can visit amazing aquatic sites and marine life. Some of the best sea beds are located around Anse Couleuvre, Anse Noire, and Cap Chevalier. So don't forget your mask and fins when visiting these regions of Martinique.

No matter what kind of beach you'd like to visit, you can make an informed decision when you read a bit more about these sunny stretches of sand. The links below take you to detailed pages about Martinique's beaches



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