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Martinique welcomes the lovers of nature over 130 kilometres of marked out paths. Long strolls along the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts, Mont-Pelée 's ascent, diving in the exuberant nature of the inland "Mornes" (hills), waterfalls... more than thirty itineraries are waiting the amateur or skilled hiker.The "Trace des Caps"is a hiking trail.

Macabou... Very beautiful hiking along the Atlantic coast. Some deserted beaches, seldom wild as far as the eye can see.

Precheur ...Long hiking reserved to good walkers. Tropical forest and wonderful views over the Caribbean sea.

Canal de Beauregard ...An easy hiking along an ancient irrigation canal, on the "morne"sides and in the middle of a magnificent vegetation.

Saut du Grendarme..;Strictly speaking, it's not a hiking, the spot lays at several hundred metres from the road, but it's a pleasant place to have a picnic at the bottom of a waterfall.

The capital of Martinique, Fort de France, is a city of opposites. Some areas are urban while others quiet and calm. Where in town you decide to stay may give a clue to the type of activities you like to participate in, but the area is not so large that you don't have access to it all. The center of the city is great for sightseeing, shopping, and dining, and the area that surrounds offers opportunity to play tennis, scuba dive, fish, and sail. The best shopping on Martinique can be found in this city where your shopping experience can be as diverse as you like. Not only are there large malls in the city, but open air markets are popular as well. The best roads to look for shops in Fort-de-France are Rue Antoine Siger, Rue Moreau de Jonnes, Rue Schoelcher, and Rue Victor Hugo.

The three open air markets to be on the look out for are Big Market (also known as the Spice Market), Fish Market, and Vegetable Market. At these markets, vendors set up booths to sell everything from spices to fresh produces and seafood, as well as handmade crafts, and more.For a large concentration of arts and crafts, head to Grand Marche, a market situated between Rue Antoine and Rue Blenac in Fort-de-France, or Place de la Savane, the famed craft market. Point-du-Bout is another place to find streets lined with boutiques, and a large shopping mall is located in Lamentin. Les Trois Ilets, meanwhile, is a great place to look for the top French fashions. Much of the island's day-to-day shopping is done in Hillsborough, where there are a number of supermarkets. Shoppers on Martinique will find the best in French goods as they hunt through the boutiques on the island. China, crystal, designer clothing, fashion accessories, liquor, perfume, and wine can all be purchased cheaply, and all are high in quality.Whether you spend your shopping hours wandering through a craft market, browsing the racks of a French clothing store, or both, you are sure to find something interesting to take home with you from your trip to Martinique.



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